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Tuesday Athlete


Tuesday Athlete

CrossFit Danbury – CFD Athlete

1: Metcon (Weight)



Part #1 – Drills

Snatch Grip Strict Press – 5 Sets of 3 Repetitions, building

Snatch Grip Sotts Press – 5 Sets of 3 Repetitions, building
Snatch Grip Strict Press – Finding our snatch grip with the bar in the back rack position, we are focused on a engaged midline as we press the bar overhead. The loading here should be on the lighter end, with the purpose of this drill to confirm our overhead position. We are looking for armpits forward at the top of the repetition (external rotation), and we are pushing into the bar as if it weights 200 pounds more. Build over the 5 sets, starting with an empty barbell.

Snatch Grip Sotts Press – Now that our shoulders are warm from the strict press, we are now looking to complete the press from the bottom of our squat position. a modification of a true “Sotts Press”. the athlete stands after each press… this is an optional option to reset after each rep, as bringing the bar or PVC down behind the head in the squat can be very challenging on our mobility. Start with a PVC on this movement. It is not wrong to stay there for all five set

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