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Monday CrossFit


Monday CrossFit

CrossFit Danbury – CrossFit

1: Back Squats (10,8,8,8)

***Programming note: The weeks programming has been posted to avoid overlap and over training***

Back squat: 60%x 10 reps, 70%x 8 reps, 75%x 8 reps, 80%x 8 reps.

2: Front Squats (5,5,5,5)

Front squat: 60%x 5 reps, 65%x 5 reps, 70%x 5 reps x 2 sets

3: Metcon (Time)

Complete 7 rounds, each for time:

-Row 100m (All out threshold sprint pace)

-Rest 2 minutes

*these will be completed after class depending on time

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