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Monday 11.14 CFD BODY


Monday 11.14 CFD BODY

CrossFit Danbury – CFD BODY

Today is the start of something amazing. We are kicking off a few new training programs here at CFD. Headlined by our CFD Body program. This will be a 4 day a week training program designed to build your body into a fat burning, muscle building, good looking machine. Think of it as a unique blend of classic bodybuilding and strength training combined with some elements of CrossFIt.
This program is available to all CFD members and you are welcome to complete the training at anytime during OPEN GYM or in our new accessory room during class times. Any questions please see Austin for details

CFD Body

1. Bench Press ( 5×5) (2:2:1:1)

2A. DB Single Arm Row 4×10 (2:1:2:1)

2B. incline DB Press (15,12,10,8, + drop set)

3A. Wide Grip Strict Pullups 3×8 ( 2 second hold with chin over bar)

3B. Dips 3x Max Effort ( 1:2:1:2)

**Notes, a lot of this will be tempo and time under tension work. (2:2:1:1) is a tempo set of 2 seconds on the negative, a 2 second hold at the bottom, 1 second up and 1 second at the top of the lift.

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