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Friday CrossFit


Friday CrossFit

CrossFit Danbury – CrossFit

1: Metcon (Weight)


Build to a Heavy-ish Set of 5 Repetitions: Romanian Deadlift

Build to a Heavy Set of 7 Repetitions: Sumo Deadlift

Build to a Heavy Set of 9 Repetitions: Deadlift
*Goal is not to strain too much on these sets, use more as a primer for “Diane”

2: Metcon (Time)


21 – 15 – 9:

Deadlifts (225/155)

Kipping Handstand Pushups
*If we are not completing HSPU today, complete 21 pushups per round. We are looking to stay with the gymnastic component, with the athlete choosing the appropriate level of difficulty. Pike pushups, pushups to the floor, and box pushups are all strong variations to build our strength.

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