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Friday Athlete


Friday Athlete

CrossFit Danbury – CFD Athlete

1: Metcon (Weight)


7 Sets of 1

(3) Pauses during the lift:

– 5 second pause at parallel

– 5 second pause at bottom of squat

– 5 second pause just above parallel (power receiving)

There are the (3) pauses listed above, with the first being during the eccentric phase. We are looking for a true parallel pause, where the crease of our hip is directly in line (horizontally) with our knee. The second pause is at the bottom of our squat. As low as we can descend, with active positioning. Avoid going “loose” here in order to gain additional range of motion… let’s stay active here. The third and final pause is during the concentric phase as we stand out of the squat – just above parallel, where we receive a heavy power snatch.

First set is to be completed with an empty barbell, if not a PVC. Our aim here is to dial in our ability to hold sound positioning over the course of the full repetition, which is over 15 seconds in duration. Focus points, from the ground up

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