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(D) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

**Programming note: the (A)(B)(C) etc represents the sequence we would ideally like to complete all the work. If your schedule allows this, try to do so. Otherwise, hit extra work whenever your schedule allows, even if that is a different day. Our program will offer a lot of extra lifting, skill and accessory work, try follow as closely as possible.**

**We will start with lots of movement prep and points of performace to maximze this workout. You will pick a start weight and add 10-20lbs every 5 min.**

5 Thrusters EMOM:

0:00-5:00 (75/55)

5:00-10:00 (95/65)

10:00-15:00 (115/75)

15:00-20:00 (135/95)

20:00-25:00 (155/105)


A) Cleans (4×1)

3 Position Cleans (high hang, hang, floor)

Warm up as needed

4 sets of 1

B) Clean Pulls (3×3)

3×3 @100% of Max Clean (use straps if possible)

C) Front squats (4×3)

5-6 Warm up sets then:

4×3 (build to heavy triple for day)

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